When you owe money—collections at the CRA - 20-APR-15

Did you know? 9 out of 10 Canadians file and pay their income taxes on time.

Pay your taxes online – and on time - 20-APR-15

Did you know? There are many reasons why you might be paying taxes throughout the year.

Are you expecting a refund this year? - 15-APR-15

Did you know? You can get a refund if you: paid too much tax throughout the year, paid more instalments than necessary or claimed more refundable credits than the total taxes you owed.

Get your mail online—instead of in your mailbox! - 15-APR-15

Did you know? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an online mail service for individuals.

Need to make a change to your return? - 13-APR-15

Did you know? It's easy to correct your income tax and benefit return if you realize after filing your return that you made a mistake.

Register a business the easy way! - 30-MAR-15

Do you need a business number? Or are you a representative who often registers multiple businesses at once? As of April 13, 2015, you can use the Canada Revenue Agency's upgraded Business Registration Online service. It's your one-stop shop to register for a business number and related accounts (corporation income tax, GST/HST, payroll, and import-export).

Making a payment as easy as 1,2,3! - 02-MAR-15

Did you know? More and more Canadians are paying their taxes online. When you pay online, you can make your payment anytime, from anywhere! Last year, we received over six million payments from individual filers online.

It's tax time and we have valuable information for you - 02-MAR-15

Did you know? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is here to help you during tax season. Here's some information you should know about your taxes, including ways to save money at tax time.

The underground economy - it's simply not worth it! - 25-FEB-15

Did you know? If you've ever paid for services without documentation, such as renovations on your house, taken tips from your job and not claimed them on your income tax and benefit return, chances are you've participated in the underground economy.

It's tax time: Don't panic. There is free tax help - 23-FEB-15

Did you know? Whether you are completing your income tax and benefit return by yourself or getting help from someone else, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and its community partners are here for you.

Top things families should know about taxes - 16-FEB-15

Did you know? There are lots of benefits, credits, and deductions to help families with their expenses throughout the year and reduce the amount they owe at tax time.

Do you own foreign property over $100,000?—File Form T1135 online this year! - 11-FEB-15

Did you know? That, starting February 9, 2015, individuals can file Form T1135, Foreign Income Verification Statement, electronically for the 2014 tax year?

File your taxes online for free! - 11-FEB-15

Did you know? You can file your taxes online for free.

Life events can have an impact on your taxes - 26-JAN-15

Did you know? Whether you just got married or divorced, had a baby, or lost a loved one, life events can affect your tax affairs.

Students can save at tax time - 19-JAN-15

Did you know? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has tax credits, deductions, and benefits to help students.

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