Canada Revenue Agency announces the creation of an external advisory panel on service - 13-DEC-18
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is taking steps to better understand the needs and expectations of Canadians, and to ensure they are at the centre of the design and delivery of its programs and services, with the goal of pursuing excellence in client experience.

Taxpayers’ Ombudsman Presents the 2017-2018 Annual Report - 11-DEC-18
The Taxpayers’ Ombudsman, Sherra Profit, released her 2017-2018 Annual Report Effecting Change, which was tabled in Parliament today by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue, Deborah Schulte.

What’s new for CRA BizApp - 07-NOV-18

The CRA BizApp is a mobile web app for small business owners and sole proprietors. It lets you manage your business accounts securely, anytime and anywhere. CRA BizApp is available on the go, and on any mobile device with an Internet browser—no app stores needed.

Canada Revenue Agency announces maximum pensionable earnings for 2019 - 01-NOV-18

The maximum pensionable earnings under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for 2019 will be $57,400—up from $55,900 in 2018. The new ceiling was calculated according to a CPP legislated formula that takes into account the growth in average weekly wages and salaries in Canada.

Important notice about a postal disruption - 24-OCT-18

On October 16, 2018, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers issued a strike notice that could result in mail delivery being delayed or interrupted across Canada.

Individuals: You can get your benefit payments through direct deposit - 23-OCT-18

During the postal disruption at Canada Post, you can get your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) benefit payments through direct deposit and pay your taxes online.

Businesses: Pay your taxes online through your bank or directly to the CRA - 23-OCT-18

During the Canada Post postal disruption, you can use a number of online payments options to pay your business taxes!

What to expect when the Canada Revenue Agency contacts you - 23-OCT-18

Scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees continue to contact Canadians, misleading them into paying false debt.

Interest rates for the fourth calendar quarter - 27-SEP-18

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced today the prescribed annual interest rates that will apply to any amounts owed to the CRA and to any amounts owed by the CRA to individuals and corporations. These rates will be in effect from October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

What you need to know: Changes to the Non-accountable allowances paid to elected members of legislative assemblies, certain municipal officers, and members of public or separate school boards - 25-SEP-18

For 2019 and subsequent tax years, non-accountable allowances paid to elected members of legislative assemblies, certain municipal officers and certain other individuals will be fully included in income.

Back to school tax tips for parents - 17-SEP-18

It's that time of the year again: summer is over and your kids have gone back to school or daycare—expenses are adding up! Luckily, there are a few things you can do now to potentially get money back when you file your tax return.

Benefits being reviewed? Here’s what you need to know - 27-AUG-18

How will I know my benefits are being reviewed? You’ll get a letter and questionnaire from us. This letter will ask you to provide information so we can check to make sure the benefits or credits you’re receiving are correct.

Improving services for businesses - 27-JUN-18

June is a busy time in the tax year for Canadian businesses. A high volume of Canadian corporations are expected to file T2 corporate returns this month. The CRA is working to reduce the time and effort it takes for businesses to manage their tax affairs by constantly improving services for them.

Your tax return is being reviewed. What happens now? - 26-JUN-18

You'll get a letter or a telephone call or from us. We'll ask for information, receipts, or documents to support a claim or deduction you made on your income tax return.

Changes to your benefit and credit payment amounts - 26-JUN-18

Each summer, following the tax filing season, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) uses information from an individual’s income tax and benefit return, along with the return of their spouse or common-law partner, to calculate benefit and credit payments for the upcoming year.

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